Welcome to the Sanctuary for Humanity

This is an Anonymous Social Platform to Connect to Individuals, Businesses, and Community Resources.

Welcome to the beta test for the Sanctuary for Humanity.

With this platform we hope to:

  • Fund quarantine-friendly emergency housing with enough garden space to feed your family for the year>
  • Provide options to make money from home by providing contributions to the site in the form of posts and comments
  • Make it easier for businesses to get started by bringing together partners and giving you the tools you need to start a business or boost an existing one
  • Connect you to resources and events in your community, and to help you create/build your community and culture
  • Create and implement programs to provide amenities, offering more and more as the program gains momentum

Ultimately it is the goal of this program not only to give every individual everything they need to be successful, but to prevent every individual from being exploited by giving them more options and a place to go.